Life music

Live music It gives each event a unique and special character. We cooperate with many musicians with a wide repertoire. We organize performances of bands / duets / soloists etc. from 900 zł.


Tastings in Eliksir is more than just a presentation of a selection of drinks. The tasting meetings we organize are focused on interacting with the guests and sharing our knowledge in an accessible and interesting way. We organize whisky, vodka, rum, champagne, wine tastings and more. In our everyday activity, we promote foodpairing, which means matching dishes with specially selected cocktails. With this in mind, also liquor tastings are accompanied with foodpairing, i.e. specially selected snacks and cocktails based on a given liquor. This approach to liquor tasting makes the experience exciting and memorable.

Cigar tasting

To those who wish to be introduced to the tradition of cigar-smoking or want to know more about cigars we offer cigar tasting. Our experts will entertain you with the history of cigars, their composition, manufacture process and the main selection criteria. Cigar tasting can supplement liquor tasting or be a separate part of the event. Cigar tasting can be also accompanied with carefully selected snacks or liquors.


Live cooking means preparing food in front of the guests. It is also an excellent opportunity to talk about flavours and cooking techniques with our chef Paweł Wątor, who takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge, passion and experience. For the convenience of larger groups, we provide equipment for live streaming of the cooking process on a big screen.